Voice Client 101 Bundle


Voice Therapy Lemon Muffins

"My Momma Makes Lemon Muffins" for Voice Therapy. Use Forward-Focused Resonant Voice to help kids with nodules, polyps and vocal overuse patterns improve speech and voicing. Add hums to the beginning of all words and sentences, then drop the hums as the child gains skills with this type of voicing. Includes fun game board and spinner to help vary the types of hums to keep things interesting, as well as an oven pattern and a mixing bowl with a spatula. Over 90 kid-friendly colorful cards.

Voice Therapy Flow Voice Frogs for Speech and Fluency Therapy

Vocal hyperfunction can be difficult to treat, so for speech therapy sessions, this helps reinforce good vocal habits from research to clinic. Fluency and stuttering too.

Voice Therapy Cup Bubbles

Cup Bubbles (Newly Updated) for Voice Therapy uses Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises to help train voice use without the use of "pressing" the vocal folds. It is intended to help children on your caseload with nodules, polyps and vocal overuse patterns improve speech and voicing. Use glitter in the water or fun food coloring to help turn this task into fun as you use it in carrying over into speech. Includes themed game board for printing and laminating, and virtual gameboard for teletherapy too. Carryover sheets, homework guides, and 24 target cards as well.

Voice & Fluency Birthday Candle Breathing

Teach body awareness and deep breathing to your children with this visually pleasing pack of open-ended game cards, visual feedback tools, coloring pages, and a gameboard. Perfect for Voice Therapy, Fluency/Stuttering work, Special Ed, Autism, voice lessons, and more.

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If you’re seeing a speech therapy client for voice disorders, try a variety of techniques to re coordinate vocal subsystems to bring research to clinical practice.

Have you enjoyed Voice in a Jiff Pediatric Edition and now need more fun activities for your child?

You’re in luck.

~*Voice Client 101 Bundle*~

includes 4 basic treatment approach activities, so you can find which one works best for your client. It’s great if you don’t know where to start and you need materials fast.

All 4 are bundled together to save you money, time and get you providing engaging activities for children on your caseload with voice disorders.

-Voice Therapy Lemon Muffins helps with vocal resonance

-Vowel Stretch Frogs elicits “Flow phonation”

-Cup Bubbles helps foster decreased laryngeal tension through “Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises”

-Birthday Candle Breathing sets the foundation for supported breath


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