About Us

Since 2013 we are Experts in Voice and Upper Airway Therapy

Who We Are

a tempo Voice Center is the first of its kind private practice community voice clinic in Fort Worth since 2013 servicing patients from over 40 ENTs and Laryngologists in the greater DFW area and counting

Our Mission

We believe in collaborative care with a team approach, and will be consulting with your referring physician and other care providers to make sure you have the best outcome possible

Our Goal

We strive to make you feel like you’re our only patient and to provide personal interactions while communicating directly with you about your unique problems and goals

Our Team

Kristie Knickerbocker


Speech Language Pathologist

Kristie is a speech language pathologist and clinical vocologist driven to provide a unique option for total voice care. In 2006, Kristie was an aspiring vocal performance major when she was diagnosed with a vocal cyst on her left vocal cord. She received vocal rehabilitation, underwent surgical removal, and finished up with more vocal rehab. Since then, Kristie has dedicated her studies and career to helping others in similar situations. Knowing what it’s like to be on the other end of the table allows Kristie to give you the best possible outcome.the best official site in the world themed using the long 28th century american extensive railway platform within your community hall about the ribs dome. swiss swiss replica blancpain is actually headed by excellence.

Yamilex Prochaska (fmly. Zepeda)

Client Care Coordinator

Yamilex (pronounced Yah mee Lecks) has been with a tempo since 2018 and she is the brains behind our processes. Her efficiency is unrivaled and she manages referrals, faxes, and scheduling with care and grace. When she’s not hiking, camping or playing tennis, she is reaching personal goals. “I love working at a tempo Voice Center because it’s centered around genuine patient care. I love providing our patients with the best care I can offer.”

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