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Did you know that Kristie offers virtual mentorship sessions for students, clinical fellows, licensed SLPs and other clinical care providers? 

Graduate programs for speech-language pathology (SLP) often fall short of providing real-world clinical experience for students. It is also challenging to switch to a medical SLP track after you’ve received your state license and certificate of clinical competence.

What to Expect?

Kristie offers 1 hour segments to discuss the topic of your choice: voice science, voice disorders, assessment & treatment of voice & upper airway, singing voice, vocal health, private practice, business topics, and more.

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“I had a dream of doing videostroboscopy that I never thought was possible. I wasn’t in the “right” setting, I didn’t have a mentor, I had no clue what to even look for, and my confidence in voice therapy was so extremely low… yet I loved everything larynx and voice. I randomly stumbled upon Kristie and my life forever changed! Her mentorship in videostroboscopy and voice therapy have been more helpful than any other continuing education I’ve ever received and her guidance and support is amazing. Not to mention her talent and knowledge is unmatched, so I always know I’m getting great advice. She helped me achieve my goals which made me fall absolutely in love with voice and ultimately led to me opening up a private practice specifically for voice and swallow (which she is currently helping me navigate). She is my voice hero and I’d direct anyone her way for mentorship!”
Blake Edes



Mentorship sessions are 60 minutes. They cannot be split over multiple days. 

  • You have 30 days from the purchase to schedule and have the session fulfilled
  • If you purchase, and are not contacted within 24 hours about scheduling, please email us at

You can always cancel your session. Because this is a virtual service, there are no refunds.

Due to the nature of our products being digital, we do not offer refunds. Please email us with any questions before purchasing.

We offer sessions for multiple mentees.  If you have a specific question about your special need, please email us before purchasing at

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