Voice 911 Bundle


Voice in a Jiff+ Pediatric Edition

Do you find yourself worried about making voice therapy fun, interesting, or effective? Has it been a few years since your grad school voice class? Look no further than this product. With multiple treatment methods, education and references, Voice in a Jiff Pediatric is the only manual you'll ever need. Complete with detailed treatment descriptions, 21 demonstration videos with actual troubleshooting guidance, handouts for reflux, vocal hygiene and wellness, vocal fold paralysis in kids, mutational falsetto/puberphonia, and more.

Voice in a Jiff+ Hospital, Clinic or SNF for Adults

"Voice in a Jiff+" Hospital, Clinic or SNF is a voice rehabilitation manual for adult clients PLUS Video demonstrations of each technique described. This has been newly updated in 2020 to include more specific information, new techniques for manual reposturing, and more gender-inclusive language. For clinicians of all kinds, even with minimal training in treating voice disorders. If you are a multi-tasking, multi-hat-wearing LTACH, SNF, Home Health or Hospital Speech-Language Pathologist, this is for you.

Techniques are presented in such an easy way, you'll feel like a voice specialist! Large, easy-to-read fonts with flow charts make pages that can easily transition from clinician workbook to homework handouts.

The Confident Clinician Video Series: Voice Rehabilitation for Speech Therapy

Are you an SLP who has a few voice clients every year, but struggles to find which therapy treatment technique to choose?

Are you afraid of harming the patient because you are unsure of how to perform the voice rehab technique and if it is even still effective?

Has it been a while since your graduate school voice class on voice and voice disorders?  Maybe you touched on a few techniques, but you never saw them in an actual treatment session.....

Fear no longer. The Confident Clinician Video Series is here to help Speech-Language Pathologists just like you, to help you better understand the different treatment techniques to help patients with voice disorders.

Vocal Health Handouts **UPDATED 2023**

Explain Voice Therapy recommendations to your speech or voice disorder patients or singers with research article citations. Evidence-based recommendations (based on current research articles) for vocal use, hydration, vocal exercises, breathing, surgery, straw phonation, vocal warmups, reflux, vocal hygiene for singers or voice therapy patients, videostroboscopy exams, vocal overuse, phonotrauma and more. #voiceexercises #vocaldamage #voiceproblems #vocalnodules #slp

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Bundle of resources to help you get your feet on the ground for beginning voice therapy. Video of techniques, patient handouts, and 2 handbooks for adults & children.

Voice therapy may be something you haven’t touched since graduate school. This bundle helps your save money while providing you with handbooks for techniques, and rationale for when and why to use them. It has research articles you can read further into regarding the types of things you are needing for your patients. The patient handouts are used in my clinic daily, and I’m making them available for the first time ever.

It even includes the Confident Clinician Video to help with demonstration of techniques so you can be absolutely sure you are showing your patient correctly.

Don’t let your voice client scare you. Get up to date on techniques that are researched to improve patient outcomes.

Bundle Includes:

The Confident Clinician Series: Voice Rehabilitation for Speech Therapy

Vocal Health Handouts

– What is Voice Therapy

-Voice Surgery- What to Expect

-What is Videostroboscopy (Tips for the best exam)

-What is Vocal Overuse (ideas to avoid phonotrauma)

-What is Vocal Hygiene (Not a bath for your voice box)

-Reflux and Voice – What you need to know

– Vocal Warmups and Cool Downs

-Straw Phonation – Tips for completlion

-How to Breathe Deeply – Abdominal breathing, Box breathing

-Gender Spectrum Voice- How voice therapy can help transgender individuals

-Vocal Subsystems – Helping you understand how voice is created

-Nebulizer versus Humidifier – Let’s Talk Laryngeal Hydration

Voice in a Jiff+: Hospital, Clinic or SNF

Voice in a Jiff: Voice Therapy for Kids


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