Foggy Doggy Hypernasality Activities “F” Version


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Foggy Doggy Hypernasality Activities “F” Version


Struggling to find activities to help with hypernasality in speech?


Look no further than Foggy Doggy Hypernasalilty activities

This packet does NOT include the mirrors, I found each for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Special instructions on how to choose the right mirror for you, located in the product



-8 mirror wheels for biofeedback teaching

-8 Data sheets for easy tracking

-over 100 prompt cards

– Sentence Level practice sheets

-4 different activities for hypernasality, each for more complex performance


This activity is a printable PDF.


***Mirrors are not included



This activity is a printable PDF. Nothing is Shipped. We do not ship hard goods. Purchases are available for download immediately


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