Vocal Anatomy for School-Aged Singers: Voice Lessons, Choir, Theater, Bands


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Vocal Anatomy for school-aged singers to learn about vocal cords and voice production. Great for Choir, Voice Lessons, Theater or Singing Lessons Therapy. Arm young adults and teens with knowledge of their own voice.
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This 12 page handout pack is a perfect compliment to any director or teacher to help educate young adults, teens, school-aged singers about the voice.
Includes 12 neatly designed and informative printable handouts for you to use in your studio, classroom, virtually or in-person, as you educate.
Handouts include:
– What are vocal cords? (anatomy and brief description of location)
– Unvoiced vs voiced sounds(how to tell the difference, with clip art to color)
– How does phonation work? (specific info on voice production)
– Different types of voices (how different lengths of vocal cords and resonant cavities influence our sounds)
– The Source (The vocal cords) (special info about the vocal source)
– The Filter (The space) (special info about the importance of resonance)
– Parts of the voice system (4 different parts of the voice/speech machine)
– Laryngeal Anatomy diagram
– Vocal Cord Length (F0) & Formant Frequencies (F1, F2)
– Belt Versus Falsetto: settle the debate, once and for all
– Warm-ups don’t have to suck: A quick & dirty cheat sheet for warming up
– Source Filter Visual Anatomy Diagram
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