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Whether your Primary Care Physician referred you, your ENT wants you to stop in, or you just electively want to pursue a change in your life, a tempo can assess you in full. The initial evaluation allows for the most appropriate program planning and is the most important part of your journey.

a tempo Voice Center provides treatment for the following:

Our Treatments

No one should have to deal with the identity crisis a voice disorder can bring. a tempo Voice Center helps you make your voice whole again by helping you eliminate hoarseness, vocal fatigue, or weak voice. We empower you with voice care to help improve your confidence and how you use your voice in every context. We offer whole body voice care as well as gender affirming voice care. If you are struggling to find your true voice, are having trouble being understood, or appear weak or inexperienced because of how your voice sounds, call us today. 

Vocal fatigue or pain

Neurologic voice change

Chronic refractory cough

Singing voice problems

Vocal quality change

Gender affirming voice & Puberphonia

Aging voice or Presbyphonia

Difficulty breathing (VCD or EILO)

Our Speech Language Pathologists

Need to refer your patient for support with voice, speech, or swallowing?

Mrs. Kristie Knickerbocker

Speech Language Pathologist

Ms. Leslie Wegner

Speech Language Pathologist

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