Singing in a Jiff: A Guide to Creating Sustainability (e-book)


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In the much anticipated *Singing in a Jiff: A Guide to Creating Sustainability, Kristie Knickerbocker invites anyone who sings, regardless of performance experience or lesson experience, to apply research and voice science easily while connecting with their instrument to create sustainable vocal sound for years to come.
Singing is an art, a way to communicate, a way to express emotion, and a therapy. Involving the reader in every step of the singing process, Kristie provides knowledge of vocal anatomy and music theory and how it applies to singing. She combines vocal athleticism and science into how singers should view vocal warmups, cool downs, and everything in between. Finally, she arms singers with the knowledge of how myths about singing and vocal health can be supported (or disputed) by science once and for all.
Share her lens as she creates a safety plan for the singer who might possibly injured, as she was in 2006 when she was diagnosed with a vocal cord cyst which rerouted her life’s purpose as she recovered and healed both internally and out. Let her provide you with the most recent and applicable research information as you apply it to your most important asset: your singing voice.
The book has 4 sections. All information has research article references from peer-reviewed journals and books carefully crafted into layman’s terms so that anybody who sings can debunk myths that have to do with singing.
Table of Contents: What’s Included?
Where Singing & SLP Intersect: Why I Made This Book…2
What is a Singer?…3
Chapter 1 Singing, Music & Anatomy
  • Vocal Subsystems Anatomy…5
  • Vocal Subsystems Physiology….6
  • Laryngeal Anatomy = Voice Box…7
  • Vocal Cord Length versus Hz/Pitches/Notes…8
  • Vocal Cord Length (F0), Formant Frequencies (F1, F2)…9
  • Chest, Head, Falsetto…Oh My!…10
  • Singing Voice Parts Basic Terms…11
  • Quick Reference For Letter Names & Hz…12
  • Rhythm and Timing in Music for Singing…13
  • More Musical Terms and Markings…14
  • How Do I Know How Loud to Sing?…15
  • How to Tell Direction in Music…16
  • Piano Knowledge For Singers …17
  • Why Are Singing Terms So Unique?…18
  • More Singing Terms With Unique Names…19
  • Choir Singing Basic Terms…20
  • Musical Theatre Basic Terms…21
  • Church Singing Basic Terms…22
  • CCM Pop, Gospel, Country Singing Basic Terms…23
  • CCM Rock/Metal Singing Basic Terms…24
  • Classical Singer Basic Terms…25
  • Common Terms & Vocal Descriptions…26
Chapter 2 Vocal Training and Voice Science
  • Vocal Athleticism and Vocal Demand…28
  • Do I Need a Vocal Coach? …29
  • Warmup Knowledge For All…30
  • Source Filter Visual…31
  • What Are Common Source Exercises?…32
  • What Are Common Filter Modifications?…33
  • Combining Source & Filter For Success…34
  • Why is Breathing Important?…35
  • Considerations For Warmups…36
  • Nasality in Singing Visual Aide…37
  • Non-Nasality in Singing Visual Aide…38
  • Loudness Play: Messa di Voce…39
  • Managing Screaming and Singing…40
  • Using Voice Science to Sing Sustainably…41
  • Adding Science Terms to Singing…42
Chapter 3 Health, Athleticism, Singing Sustainability
  • Singing Myths…Busted?…44
  • Speaking Voice Tips For Singers…45
  • Expiratory & Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training…46
  • Vocal Hydration & Vocal Wellness/Hygiene…47
  • Medications, Drugs & Voice…48
  • Reflux and the Voice…49
  • Voice Thresholds, Overuse, & Vocal Cash…50
Chapter 4 What If I Think My Voice is Injured?
  • How Often Do Singers Have Injuries?…52
  • What Are Warming Signs?…53
  • Which Kind of Doctor Should I Look For?…54
  • Which Type of Exam Do I Need?…55
  • What’s a Singing Voice Specialist?…56
  • Make Sure Your Voice Doctor Asks You:…57
  • Quick Reference Chart For Jargon “Medical vs Musical”…58
  • What Can I Expect in an Evaluation?…59
  • What Can I Expect in Voice Rehab?…60
  • Importance of Counseling For a Singer…61
  • Toolbox Takeaways…62
  • Sources and References…63
  • Sources and References…64
  • Sources and References…65
  • My Favorite Warmups…66
  • Things I Want to Remember…67
  • Questions to Ask My Doctor…68
  • Notes…69
  • Notes…70
  • Notes…71


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