Voice in a Jiff: Singing 101 for SLPs and SLTs


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Voice in a Jiff: Singing 101 for Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Therapists is a downloadable manual for better understanding clients and patients who sing. Singers have a lingo all their own, and feel more comfortable explaining singing problems to someone familiar with singing terminology.


This could be beneficial to doctors like ENTs and Laryngologists, as well as Audiologists because singers may not have only voice problems.


Counselors, Therapists and Social Workers alike could benefit from this resource with its gender inclusive language and voice teachers can see the types of things SLPs discuss with their clients because much of this manual explains where singing and speech language pathology intersect.


Nothing like this exists, and care providers who may have little voice care experience or little to no singing education end up treating clients who really need them to understand their language.



“Voice in a Jiff!” Singing 101 for SLPs and SLTs is an educational manual to help care providers better understand singing terms, types of singing, where singing and SLP intersect, and how to improve outcomes for their clients and patients.


For clinicians of all kinds, even with minimal training in treating voice disorders or music, clear & concise terminology with visual examples help even brand-new musicians understand.


If you are a multi-tasking, multi-hat-wearing LTACH, SNF, Home Health or Hospital Speech-Language Pathologist, this is for you. If you’re an ENT who wants to better serve your singers, this is for you. If you’re a counselor or social worker who works through trauma associated with singing, this is for you!


Terms are presented in such an easy way, you’ll feel like a singing-voice specialist!

This was created to help dismantle gate-keeping of “singing voice training” and “singing pedagogy” and to make it more applicable and understandable by anyone.



  • Contents: What’s Included?
  • Where Singing & SLP Intersect…Why I Made This Book.
  • Let’s Hear From Those in the Field
  • What Are Singing Voice Parts?
  • Piano Pitches with Hz and with Letters
  • Music Terms 1: How Do Singers Stay in Time?
  • Music Terms 2: Speak the Lingo:
  • Music Terms 3: How Do Singers Know How Loud To Sing?
  • Music Terms 4: How Do Singers Tell Direction?
  • Music Terms 5: How Do Singers Count Beats?
  • Why Does a Piano Matter?
  • Vocal Function Exercises: Piano Application
  • Vocal Function Exercises: Modifications5
  • What Are Common Pitch Combos?
  • Why Are Singing Terms Such Unique Names?
  • More Singing Terms Unique Names
  • Laryngeal Anatomy Visual Aide
  • Vocal Anatomy Visual Aide
  • Source Filter Visual Aide
  • Nasality in Singing Visual Aide
  • Non-Nasality in Singing Visual Aide
  • Chest, Head, Falsetto…Oh My!
  • What Does a Voice Lesson Look Like?
  • Choir Basics
  • Example of Sheet Music
  • Musical Theatre Basics
  • Church Singing Basics
  • CCM Pop, Gospel, Country Singing Basics
  • CCM Rock/Metal Singing Basics
  • Classical Singer Basics
  • Common Terms – Vocal Descriptions
  • Understanding Singing Dynamics During Voice Therapy
  • What is Overtone Singing?
  • Places Where Singing and SLP Intersect
  • More Where Singing and SLP Intersect
  • Differences in Warmups
  • How Can We Apply Warmup Knowledge in Voice Therapy?
  • Warmup Knowledge For All
  • Terms a Singer Might Not Know
  • Singing Myths…Busted?
  • Why Does Speaking Voice Matter for a Singer?
  • Quick Reference Chart for Jargon “Medical vs Musical”
  • Counseling Considerations for a Singer
  • A Team Approach Guide
  • Questions to Ask Singers During a Voice Evaluation
  • Why is Breathing Important?
  • Sources and References


These are organized handouts with terms about singing voice types, singing voice settings, music, rhythm, piano basics, singing basics, how and where singing and SLP intersect, gender inclusive modifications for basic voice therapy and singing exercise explanations, visual graphics for head/chest voice differences, laryngeal anatomy graphics, vocal anatomy graphics, and so much more.


I appreciate your input because you helped me to make the best resource possible. 🙂 


I’ve already been trialing parts of the manual in my own private practice voice therapy clinic and the visuals seem to be REALLY helpful.


This is a digital download, so you get it emailed to your inbox instantly. You can use it right away electronically, print off sheets for your patients, or bind it yourself as a hard manual. It is not a hard good.


Please contact me for a discount on multiple license pricing if you are planning to purchase for your clinic where multiple SLP’s will be using the product.



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