5 Voice Tips for Teachers on Summer Break

The summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, so many teachers are taking time off to recharge their voices. According to multiple studies, voice disorders are common in about 80% of teachers (Martins et al 2014). That’s a huge amount of individuals who need their voices for their job teaching the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. How can we keep these vocally athletic teachers in great vocal shape?

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Are Children Too Young for Voice Lessons?

Babies respond to music and singing with awe and wonder, and as soon as they begin trying out sounds themselves, they begin imitating what they hear with musical intonation. Children’s songs are full of life lessons, fun sounds and repeated phrases at higher pitches so their tiny vocal folds can match easily. Singing is joyful…but could we be teaching our children about vocal anatomy too early in their lives? Read More…

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What is their secret?

Does vocal hygiene mean deodorant for your vocal cords? by atempovoicecenter atempovoicecenter on 05/19/14   Clients often wonder what in the world I mean when

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