What Does Voice Therapy Look Like?

Putting the work in the patient’s hands is important because they begin to take ownership. I ask, “Where do you feel the vibration?” The patient answers, and I reassure them with…

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The Birds and the Bees and VCD?

Misdiagnosed Breathing problems can accompany a multitude of conditions including asthma, laryngeal malformations, coughing, narrowing of the windpipe, stress, anxiety, intense exercise, certain smells or

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Surviving Telepractice for Voice Therapy!

If you have been thrust unknowingly into the COVID-19 world of virtual voice therapy sessions, you are not alone.

I have been transitioning and pivoting my in-person clinic to seeing each and every client on an online tele therapy platform. Our patients can use to sign into their sessions, and this has been working well so far.

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What Do We Know About Normals?

What is Normal? Voice Rehabilitation depends on knowing to what degree we deviate from the norm. This helps us better understand what constitutes a disorder.

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