Voice in Jiff: Grad School Comp & Praxis Practice


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The purpose of this product is for students of Speech Language Pathology and Communication Sciences and Disorders to have a way to quiz themselves before taking their voice comprehensive exams or the Praxis Exam. 

To graduate with your master’s degree, you must pass a test in your master’s program about voice science and treatment for voice disorders. To become a licensed SLP, you must take an exam called The Praxis, which is a test about a variety of subjects pertaining to Speech Language Pathology. Voice Disorders is a challenging part of that subject matter, mostly because it is not as well known as speech disorders or language disorders. Many current study guides do not include the most recent research or advances in voice science.

My goal with this book is to allow students to practice their knowledge in variety of ways regarding testing their knowledge acquisition for voice science, anatomy and disorder rehabilitation, application of voice science in treatment methods for SLPs and case study information regarding voice. The information in these test questions is up-to-date with current research as well as current clinical techniques and includes information about newer measures. For example, it discusses Cepstral Peak Prominence, which is a more robust indicator of dysphonia than Jitter and Shimmer.

This was specifically made with graduate students in mind, but could serve as a study guide for anyone wanting to learn more about voice science and rehabilitation of the voice.



  • 36 Voice Knowledge Flash Cards pages 6-18
  • 21 Cranial Nerve Flash Cards pages 19-27
  • 3 Word Bank Quizzes pages 28-31
  • 3 Multiple Choice Quizzes pages 32-38
  • 2 Diagram Quizzes pages 39-41
  • 3 Word Bank Answers with explanations pages 42-45
  • 3 Multiple Choice Answers with explanations pages 46-52
  • Diagram Answers pages 53-55
  • Sources and References



This is a digital download, so you get it emailed to your inbox instantly. You can use it right away electronically, print off sheets for your patients, or bind it yourself as a hard manual. It is not a hard good.

Please contact me for a discount on multiple license pricing if you are planning to purchase for your clinic where multiple SLP’s will be using the product.


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