Vocal Ca$h: A New Idea for Vocal Rest and Indirect Voice Therapy


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Vocal Ca$h! This is another innovative product from a tempo Voice Center specifically targeted for indirect voice therapy.

Voice therapy for phonotraumatic lesions like polyps and nodules has historically been full of difficulty. One reason is because defining “vocal rest” is different for many people, and so interpretations range from provider to patient. In an effort to help therapists and patients talk through what vocal tasks are important to them, and how to work together on making goals for voice improvement (and not shaming patients), I have created a visual version of the idea of “Vocal Ca$h.”

The idea is that you talk with your patients about vocal rest if they’ve been diagnosed with vocal nodules or hemorrhage or polyp. Explain that you are giving them $100 each day to spend on vocal tasks, and each task costs a certain $$ amount. The product includes ideas for adults, teens and young people even includes handouts for adults, and children, it includes game/printable and editable bills in multiple dollar amounts.

It talks about dosage and frequency as well as intensity so more personalized goals can be created for best success.

34 usable Pages of (38 total) activities for adults, teens, and young people.

  • 2 pages of how-to-use this product
  • 4 pages explaining the basic idea
  • 2 adult pages
  • 1 teen page
  • 1 rules page for young people
  • 2 pages for “voice team” appropriate for any age
  • 1 vocal cash piggy bank you can cut the slit for and use in the game if needed
  • Color copy, B&W copy, and blank copy of the following bills to fill in: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Vocal Ca$h Game Board (can be used virtually or printed and used in person)


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