Resonant Voice Continuant Sentences (English/Español)


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Resonant voice therapy can be tricky in carryover. This product was born out of need for applicable conversational style examples to advance adult patients into conversation after. It even includes YouTube video examples.


Resonant voice is sometimes challenging to teach, and sometimes even harder to understand and replicate for patients. This product includes sentences that specifically contain phonemes (speech sounds) that elicit resonant voice. Demonstration videos are linked within so you can feel confident treating with these in English and Spanish. You can demonstrate for your patients….OR use them for yourself for good vocal economy when vocalizing. 🙂

Included in this pack:

5 usable Pages of (9 total) activities for adults and teens.

  • What is a Voice Continuant Sentence
  • 14 Voice Continuant Sentences in English
  • 14 Voice Continuant Sentences in Español
  • Link to Video with directions in English
  • Link to video with directions for sentences in Español


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