Vocal Cords: Amazing Tiny Instruments

Vocal Cords: Amazing Tiny Instruments

by atempovoicecenter atempovoicecenter on 05/22/14


Hello all!

I have been hard at work on this new website and needed some relaxation time to take my brain off of stressful things.

I was rummaging through old SIG-3 (a special interest group for voice nerds like me) emails and I came across this VERY COOL VIDEO of our vocal cords in action.

Did you know that normal vocal cords are white in color, have no nerve endings and can come together to vibrate 1,047 times per second just to make a bit of noise? These little guys work so hard to create what so many of us take for granted: speech.

I was talking to a website consultant today who said, “You don’t even think about your voice until you have a problem with it.” So true, so true.

Reminding myself that two tiny muscles do so much for my livelihood helps me to remember not to clear my throat so much, drink more hydrating beverages, and to take a vocal rest now and again…I mean, they need it. 🙂


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