Avatars, Tigers and Bears Oh My! (and straws)

Avatars, Tigers and Bears Oh My! (and straws)

by atempovoicecenter atempovoicecenter on 06/09/14


Voice rest recommendation got you down?

Well, fear no more. I wish to share with you an amazing speech generator that you can use for yourself or recommend for your patients. I mean, this thing is right out of an episode of 30 Rock. You can find a Jack Donaghy-sounding voice and make him talk for you so you can really get the voice rest your speech pathologist is recommending. It features an avatar of your choice and can even speak in different accents.


Need a louder voice?

Here is a link for a cell phone amplifier. It can amplify up to 40dB! On this website, serene innovations, you can find other useful products as well.


And for kicks, here is Ingo Titze’s Straw Phonation video from YouTube. This is helpful to “unwind” your voice. Semi-occluded Vocal Tract Exercises, like this one, allow you to make sound without any glottal pressure. This can be helpful to start your day off right with good vocal production, or when you need to re-set your voice after some bad-habit talking. Titze has some great tips in this video.



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