2 Resources and some Deep Voices

2 Resources and some Deep Voices

by atempovoicecenter atempovoicecenter on 05/29/14


Hello all!

I am feverishly writing up reports tonight, but wanted to stop and talk about some great new resources I have uncovered. The first is a website run by Dr. James P. Thomas, an ENT Laryngologist with an interest in voice and some savvy computer skills. It is full of videos that are very informative and are easy to follow for any SLP or potential patient with a voice disorder. Enjoy!

I have also reached out to the Fort Worth Transgender Community to let them know a tempo Voice Center is a resource they can take advantage of. Voice therapy for transgender individuals can be a daunting task, and sometimes it is the first step of a person’s journey. Receiving voice therapy for my vocal cyst really opened my eyes to how nervous one can be when seeing a speech therapist for the first time.

On a fun and science-related note, I found this video of some adults (still young at heart) and their experience with Sulfur Hexafluoride gas. This gas, also known as SH6, is very dense. It is heavier than oxygen, so when inhaled, it slows the speed of sound and resonates lower frequencies than regular air. It causes a perceivable drop in pitch. Please do not try this at home, it is dangerous.


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