Voice Client 102 Bundle

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Voice Client 102 Bundle


Are you seeing a voice client for the first time and it's been a while since you treated one?
Have you enjoyed Voice in a Jiff Pediatric Edition and Voice Client 101 Bundle, and now need more fun activities for your child?

You're in luck. 

~*Voice Client 102 Bundle*~
includes 4 more treatment approach activities, so you can find which one works best for your client. It's great if you don't know where to start and you need materials quickly.

All 4 are bundled together to save you money, time and get you providing engaging activities for children on your caseload with voice disorders.

-Football Resonant voice helps with vocal resonance
-Facial Tissue Flow helps with great visuals for "Flow phonation"
-Mountain Climber Straws helps foster decreased laryngeal tension through "Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises" with straw phonation
-DIY Larynx model pattern helps teach anatomy of the voice box

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