Vocal Cord Dysfunction Bundle


Vocal Cord Dysfunction Bundle


Money Saving Bundle!

Vocal Cord Dysfunction: Breathe Easy in English and Spanish.

Help teach different rescue breath techniques for kids on your caseload with VCD. Includes target breath cards for flash cards front/back to attach on a keychain perfect for backpacks and purses. Also includes practice breath cards varying lengths of inhalations and exhalations, challenge breaths for combination breathing, Breath Journals, cartoons for explaining VCD, and game board.

Included in this pack English and Spanish Versions:

•How To sheet

•Tips for each type of breath

•6 Double-Sided Cards for Key Ring & Explanation

•48 Practice Breath Game Cards

•18 Challenge Breath Game Cards

•12 Cartoons explaining Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) and PVFM (Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion)

•2 Breath Journals

•Themed gameboard

Please download and save the files immediately because the emailed links expire.

Please contact me for a discount on multiple license pricing if you are planning to purchase for your clinic where multiple SLP's will be using the product.


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