Transgender Voice Therapy & Gender Affirmation Voice Therapy

 voice feminization, voice masculinization, language and resonance choices, non-verbals

-individual and group therapy options-

What is gender affirmation therapy?

This is a type of voice therapy provided by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist which aims to raise the pitch of a speaker's voice. Therapy is not limited to pitch, however, as many components add up to a voice that is perceived as a certain gender. Pitch that is perceived as female is usually upwards of 190 Hz. Females tend to use more upward glides in their phrases. Their articulation is light and crisp, with a small and forward focused production. Syntax contains distinct differences between male and female, as well as semantic choices. Females tend to use longer duration on phrases and isolated words, like lingering on occasional vowel sounds. They use size modifiers, qualifiers and tag questions when men omit these. Posture and the gestures, depending on certain cultures, are unique to gender. 

Many who begin this journey alone are under the misconception that lowering the volume of one's voice and making it breathier will help the voice to come across as more feminine. This is incorrect. In fact, male and female intensities are about the same for normal voices. It is important to keep your voice healthy and in good working order because you will be using the new female voice just as much. Overuse of a voice created with improper techniques can overwork the tiny muscles in the voice box. Voice therapy is beneficial for a transgender person seeking feminization because SLP's are trained to teach efficient voice production in the absence of vocal tension.


What is voice masculanization therapy?

Therapy to help achieve a more masculine sounding voice is available as well. Hormone Replacement Therapy  (HRT) usually helps drop the pitch of the voice with no therapy needed, but sometimes this is not enough. Aaron Ziegler and colleagues recently published data on how testosterone therapy for masculinizing voice in transgender patients is not always effective alone in achieving voice-gender congruence without voice specific intervention additionally. Therapy will focus on more masculine mannerisms and syntax and semantics, pitch as well as resonance.


a tempo Voice Center provides therapy to help you find a voice that reflects who you are!

Don't be afraid to make that first call. You will be glad you took a step in the direction you have been contemplating.


Sessions include:

Full Evaluation 

  • Videostroboscopy option

  • Acoustic Measures

  • Aerodynamic Assessment

  • Formal and Informal Questionnaires

Determining an appropriate target pitch (female and male pitches overlap at 145-165Hz)

Work with

  • Pitch

  • Intonation

  • Language

  • Articulation

  • Nonverbals and Gestures

Personalized Organization for Practice Log

Female Voice Diagram

Voice therapy sessions are offered for individual and for group therapy if available. Please contact a tempo directly to discuss what is a good fit for you and your voice therapy needs.




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