Voice Care & Swallowing Care

Whether your Primary Care Physician referred you, your ENT wants you to stop in, or you just electively want to pursue a change in your life, a tempo can assess you in full. The initial evaluation allows for the most appropriate program planning and is the most important part of your journey. Options for Voice Evaluations include Laryngeal Function Studies/Aerodynamic Assessment, Acoustic Assessments, Perceptual Evaluations, and Videostroboscopy. Options for Dysphagia Evaluations include Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing FEES) test and Beside Swallow Evaluation.

The treatment portion of the journey is the most difficult, yet the most rewarding. Clients will receive one-on-one intervention, paced and tailored to each individual's unique needs. Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation is an option for dysphagia therapy. Skilled services provided are a product of intense training and experience from a Speech Language Pathologist who was once a client like you!


Get your voice sounding like "you" again! Your voice is your career and your livelihood. Stop thinking that nagging pain in your throat after a long day talking at your job will just go away magically one day! Help yourself be understood by others after a Parkinson's diagnosis! Get back to swallowing the foods you want to eat without the risk of aspiration!

a tempo Voice Center also provides local seminars to professional voice users. This includes teachers, choir students, musical theatre students, cheerleaders, or any one who has a high daily vocal demand. Let Kristie know if you are interested in booking a lecture. 


a tempo Voice Center provides treatment for the following:

Muscle Tension Dysphonia

Vocal Nodules and Polyps

Vocal Cysts

Vocal Hemorrhage

Vocal Scarring

Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion

Parkinson's Disease

Transgender Voice Therapy

Vocal Cord Paralysis

Spasmodic Dysphonia

Speech & Language Issues

Swallowing Issues/Dysphagia

Vocal Fatigue

Accent Reduction